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We offer clinical lab testing, occupational health testing, std testing, paternity testing, prenatal gender reveal, immigration DNA testing, allergy testing, DOT testing, vaccinations, finger printing, travel vaccinations, medical blood work, biometric screening, woman’s /men wellness panel, Therapeutic blood draw, DOT, and NON DOT, seek peek, drug screens, notary services, finger printing, background checks, IV hydration, and BAT.



Experience our expertise in blood drawing tailored for medical testing, ensuring accuracy and comfort for every patient.



Employment-related blood tests with quick and confidential results to facilitate your hiring process efficiently and effectively.



Specialized phlebotomy services for donation centers, aiding in the lifesaving process through secure and hygienic blood collection.

Why Choose Us

At Moss Care Services, we pride ourselves on our precision, professionalism, and commitment to providing a comfortable experience for every patient.

Precision Blood Work

We ensure precise blood drawing and testing procedures, guaranteeing accurate results vital for medical treatment and diagnosis.

Expert Care

Our experienced phlebotomists offer expert care with a focus on client comfort, making the blood drawing process smooth and painless.

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Contact us today to schedule your phlebotomy appointment and experience exceptional care in a professional setting.

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