Expert Phlebotomy Services In The Greater Denver Metro Area and Mobile Services

Experience professional blood drawing services in a secure and welcoming environment.

Key Offerings Available

Explore the range of specialized services provided by Moss Care Services to fulfill your phlebotomy needs.


Accurate and efficient blood drawing services for medical tests and procedures with a focus on patient comfort and safety.


Reliable and compliant blood testing for pre-employment requirements, ensuring swift results and convenience for both employers and candidates.


Specialized blood drawing services for unique medical conditions and specific testing needs, delivered with precision and confidentiality.

Our Story

With over a decade of experience in the phlebotomy industry, Moss Care Services stands as a trusted provider of efficient and safe blood drawing services.

Why Choose Us

At Moss Care Services, we pride ourselves on our precision, professionalism, and commitment to providing a comfortable experience for every patient.

Precision Blood Work

We ensure precise blood drawing and testing procedures, guaranteeing accurate results vital for medical treatment and diagnosis.

Expert Care

Our experienced phlebotomists offer expert care with a focus on client comfort, making the blood drawing process smooth and painless.

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